Loyalty Programme Membership

Welcome to Padini Membership Loyalty Program. Earn points for every purchase and accumulate them to unlock tiers, redeem rewards and more! You’re automatically enrolled and earn point by using our mobile apps.

Lifetime Membership
No extra fee needed to be our member
Stay Up To Date!
Up to 5% point rebate on total purchases will be calculated on yearly basis (exclude any tax)
Member Special
Membership can be used at Padini Stores, mobile apps and online websites which operated by the Padini Holdings Berhad (PHB) Group of Companies in Malaysia.
Birthday Special
Birthday Special! 20% discount code will be sent to your PADINI account for your birthday
  • Rebate vouchers can be converted based on the accumulated points of your spending.
  • The converted voucher can be used in our Padini Store, online store at www.padini.com or our Padini mobile apps in Malaysia.
  • Rebate Vouchers are not refundable and non-transferable to another person or member. Once a voucher has been converted, it can't be reversed to the point again.
  • Any converted vouchers are valid up to the stipulated expiry date. No extension of the expiry date shall be given.
  • Please review the voucher details for terms & conditions before proceeding to redeem.
Tier LevelAnnual spendingRebate(%)Rebate(%)
1 RM500 0.5 0.3
2 >RM500 1 0.6
3 >RM1000 2 0.9
4 >RM1500 3 1.2
5 >RM2000 4 1.5
6 >RM2500 5 2
PADINI CONCEPT STORE : Only applicable to Padini Stores, Online websites, and Mobile Apps
BRANDS OUTLET : Only applicable to Online Websites & Mobile Apps
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Earn Points
Earn points every time you make purchases online or in our Padini stores.
Convert to Voucher
Generate your own VOUCHERS by converting your collected points!

**with t&c
Redeem the Voucher
Redeem by selecting your voucher during checkout in our websites or mobile apps


Scan the voucher QR code in outlet cashier counter in our stores